How and why staying up to date with what’s trending in real estate, can help you with buying or selling a home.

Home trends typically last around 10 years, sometimes up to 15 years. In 2010, the farmhouse trend had started in other parts of the United States and Texas started incorporating it about 2015. Prior to farmhouse; it was the heavy textured walls, distinct wall colors, cabinets that were stained or bold in paint color, plush carpetery, cowhide rugs, bold signature area rugs, bold pieces of wall decor, different novelties everywhere, and the rustic ranch look in Texas was a defining trend and the bigger, the better! Then the farmhouse trend had people changing to being a minimalist with clean light wall shades and gray became the new neutral. White, gray and black decor in clean black and white frames with shiplap, barn doors, distressed furniture and modern industrial decor and lighting fixtures. The majority of folks jumped on the minimalist wagon, practically overnight. The famous Marie Kondo question, “Does it bring you joy?” If you answer yes, you keep the item. If you hesitate or say no, you donate or throw it out.  This is a great tool to use in our everyday lives and I believe this “trend” will never go out of style.  A lot of people hold onto items for a multitude of reasons and clutter can accumulate quickly. Many years later, you are moving out of a home because you decide your housing needs have changed. You soon realize as you are packing boxes and are overwhelmed with all the items that do not bring you joy anymore. If you incorporate this “Marie Kondo Tool” daily or weekly, life becomes less stressful and well…more joyful!

I have noticed in the past decades that housing trends generally start in the west coast and sometimes in the New York area and gradually move to other parts of the United States. In my research, Texas has generally started taking on new trends around five years later. With this being said, the trend in your area is what is most important when it comes to whether or not your home is “dated”. But knowing what may be coming can give you an edge, timing is everything!

Have you noticed that bell bottom jeans are back? Not the exact 70’s classic bell bottoms, they are now the updated wide leg denim and they are super cute, in my opinion.

The new trends that are occurring in homes currently, are flashbacks of the 70’s and 80’s, but in much more tasteful updated shades and more plush. Don’t panic, I haven’t witnessed the “Grateful Dead” shag carpet! Remember the Brady Bunch House? Well guess what, Marsha? Conversation pits are being brought back to life with new home construction plans. Olive greens, deep hues of oranges, browns, purples, pinks, blues, bold and printed wallpaper, statement ceilings, velvet draperies, velvet, oversized, luxurious curved furniture and *gasp* avocado appliances! With the plethora of knowledge that we have with the internet, especially Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz, people are really staying on top of the trends. I personally think the Farmhouse look is beautiful, classy and will be in for a while. You can always start incorporating some new fun pieces to mix in with the farmhouse decor. Might be time to bring that Velvet Elvis out of retirement!  Bottom line, trends are trends and your home is your home! You establish the joy in your space. Happy New Year and may you all be healthy, prosperous and JOYFUL!